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What are the Best Materials to Prevent a Sliding Floor in Your Truck?

Whether you use your truck for electrical work, plumbing, or even fiber optics splicing, keeping your tools and equipment organized is an absolute must. Unfortunately, many drivers find that a sliding floor causes equipment to get mixed up, damaged, or even destroyed. In some cases, this can even cause damage to the truck itself. This sometimes occurs in the truck’s cabin, where shifting floor mats can be a minor inconvenience, but it is especially problematic when the truck bed itself is unable to hold valuable (or fragile) items in place.

So what can you do to prevent a sliding floor in your truck? Thankfully, there are many materials and solutions available to alleviate this common problem. The following options are even more effective when used with a truck body, which attaches seamlessly to your pickup truck for improved industrial transportation solutions.

Bed Mats

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that bed mats are the go-to resource for preventing a sliding floor for most truck drivers. Bed mats are a great addition to both standard pickups and truck bodies, as the right combination of materials and design can greatly limit the extent to which items shift during transportation.

Most truck bed mats are made from rubber, as this material provides the right blend of stickiness and durability to keep items in place while also holding up under heavy use. Raised ribs are used to facilitate the loading and unloading of supplies, while textured surfaces prevent shifting while you’re on the road. Better yet, many bed mats are made using recycled rubber, reducing costs and limiting your impact on the environment.

Custom Shelving

Of course, if you perform any type of industrial work, it won’t do to simply toss everything into a pickup truck bed. Even with a rubber bed mat, this is a surefire way to have tools and materials bumping into each other during the ride — which can potentially damage or destroy valuable equipment.

Because of this, many contractors install a truck body to take advantage of the many shelving options available. These shelves are built with industrial needs in mind. With sturdy metal construction, pull-out sliding drawers can be custom-fitted to help you keep everything neat and organized. You can even install spool racks or storage bins to keep wires and other small items safely out of the way of larger equipment.

Separating and organizing your supplies won’t just keep them safe during transportation — this practice will also allow you to work more efficiently when you arrive at the job site. Providing faster, higher-quality work can go a long way in helping you attract and retain customers.

Cargo Netting

Cargo netting is another option for holding materials in place. Though these products are primarily used with uncovered pickup truck beds, they can also be helpful for truck body owners. This heavy-duty netting uses industrial-strength webbing and mesh fabric as well as multiple anchor points to lock securely into place. If you hit any large potholes or bumps that would cause your equipment to go flying into the air, the use of cargo netting will hold everything tightly against the floor of your truck bed.


Having materials slide around in the back of your truck may not seem like a big deal, but taking steps to prevent this problem provides major benefits. By reducing damage to supplies and equipment, you can avoid spending money on replacement parts, lowering your operating costs. Keeping everything organized will help you work more efficiently — you won’t waste time looking for lost parts or trying to replace a damaged tool. Regardless of whether you drive a standard pickup truck or use a truck body to get the job done, anything you do to keep your materials firmly in place during transportation will pay big dividends for your work in the long run.

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