Plumber vehicule

Plumbers have been getting everyday citizens out of sticky situations dating all the way back to ancient Greece. The plumbers of today are equipped with centuries of knowledge and skills that they put to use in homes all over this nation, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are a plumber or are currently running a plumbing business then you know first-hand just how important having the right mobile unit can be. Having a plumbing truck that is not only dependable but also on the cutting edge of technology is essential to getting the most out of a workday and maximizing profits.

[list extra_class=”We can provide configurations to suit all your plumbing contracting needs.”][list_item] Ample storage to hold all your small parts and accessories like pipe fittings, wrenches, tool boxes and Conduit .
Accommodate up to 12’ conduit inside the Master 75 or on the roof of the Master 60.[/list_item][list_item] Choose between standard locking ladder racks or drop down ladder racks.
Optional cylinder locks for added security[/list_item][list_item] Easy access to tools from side doors.
We feature low access exterior doors! No entering the unit to get to wire boxes and gear.[/list_item][list_item] Generator storage
 No Access to A/C power? Our generators can fix this problem.
No need to take the generator out, just turn on and plug in![/list_item][list_item] Create a driving billboard with side decals, 
The Master provides plenty of room to advertise your business.
Removing the body from your truck removes the advertising from your truck.[/list_item][list_item] Great alternative to Vans
 You will never want to buy a van EVER again. Click to see why…[/list_item][/list]

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