Testimonial name: Deston Henson

I am emailing you to thank you for making the acquisition of my replacement slip-in unit with the Master 75.  I spent a very considerable amount of time looking at the products of your competitors but found your products to be superior because of the hardware quality, better insulation package, and necessary aesthetic qualities for our industry’s image.  In addition, similar units by the competition was slightly more expensive… still is so awesome to have all this from a Canadian manufacture!

It is not often that a purchase like this goes so smoothly – it is hard to imagine that the unit was designed exactly how I needed it just over the phone and e-mail!  We received the unit on the pallet and just used a forklift to raise it high enough to put the four sturdy jacks in.  It was so easy to install!  In fact, there was a couple of guys present that installed several of your competition’s slip-in that were amazed by how easy the install was.  Anyway, I installed quick-couplings on the glycol heater hoses and used the electrical receptacle supplied with unit which allows me to remove / install the unit in about 20-25 minutes by myself.  This is a BIG bonus for me because I couldn’t remove the unit before – therefore couldn’t use the truck for other purposes.

I have been working my truck with the Master 75 for seven months now and absolutely LOVE it!  It is great in the cold and makes my job so much easier.

Many thanks

Testimonial name: Barrie

This truck is a service and installation vehicle in Midwest Livestock Systems Pine Island, MN dairy division fleet.

Midwest Livestock Systems, Inc. provides equipment and facilities for dairy, swine and poultry producers in the central United States.

Testimonial name: Jim Crary

Company: Tricom Communications

Tricom Communications is a Communications Interconnect. We sell, install and service communications equipment, along with network wiring that is needed to run the equipment. Our new Mory cap will be our office and stock room on wheels.

Testimonial name: Kimberley Search & Rescue

Thank you for setting up the canopy for us and making suggestions in terms of its design. We love the side doors, the shelves and the only change we are looking to do is to put an upright on our slide out so we can organize response equipment more effectively on the slide. The delivery was on time and the setup done by a local RV dealer was easy and quick.

Testimonial name: Lt. Mike Pierman – Yoakum Police Dept.

Here are some photos of our finished SRT (Special Response Team) truck with the Master75.  I, along with the members of the Yoakum Police Department and also the City of Yoakum would like to thank you and Mory for all of the help in putting this project together.  We had the truck and Master 75 wrapped instead of painting and had the graphics put on to match our trailer.  We will used the truck to pull our mobile command center and we will deploy our SRT members out of the Master 75.

Again thank you and Mory for all of the help with this project it is greatly appreciated.

Testimonial name: Whitefish Mountain Resort – Bob Yeager – Plant Manager

Purpose: General Delivery,

Comments: The Mory M75 Body weathered its first summer really well, making many trips to and from our 6950 foot summit from our 4500 foot village area. Our service road is not your typical drive in the countryside.

Testimonial name: Mark Stevens – President – Connection One, Inc

Services offered: Fiber Optic Testing, Splicing, Engineering Cutovers, Emergency Restorations

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