Van versus Master Series

The Slip-on “Master” Solution!


Master Series

Cargo Van

Master is a slip-on, multi-purpose capsule for pickup trucks that universally fits all full-sized domestic pick-up trucks.

Because it can out last numerous vehicles, its asset value will provide an excellent return on investment even after many years of use. Considerable savings are also realized because there is no need to repeatedly spend time and money to outfit future vehicles when they’re acquired.

It can be shifted to another pickup truck (rental vehicle or otherwise) when its primary host is removed from service due to any routine or unscheduled maintenance

When an operator needs to retrofit service vehicles with either, roof racks, ladder fasteners, custom interior shelving or other equipment to suit their material handling or field operation requirements. Retrofitting is often a high expense that is fixed to the associated modified vehicle!

Our selection of slip-on bodies offer 30%-80% more cargo space than the standard cargo Van. Retrofitting can be custom tailored to suit the specialized needs of the operator and it is universally reusable and easily transferable to any other similar vehicle pick-up truck even a 4WD!

A loaded cargo van with specialized fixed retrofitting for tools, equipment and supplies is dedicated to just that one vehicle. Unloading and shifting its contents to another vehicle for temporary reasons is not practical.

The Master’s slip-on capsule offers the built-in capability of being easily moved from vehicle to vehicle in just fifteen minutes (even fully loaded )

Pick-up truck resale values can be optimized because the slip-on body leaves no historical tell tale signs of its use. Simple retrofitting provides greater life cycle value

Future repeated retrofitting must be done when vans are replaced or when optimum life cycle has expired. This is usually at a greater cost each time due to increasing labor costs.

Master will outlast numerous vehicles while providing the operator considerable savings of time and money as there is no need to repeatedly refit future vehicles when they are acquired.

Pickup trucks driver compartments are quieter, and more comfortable. A better operating environment can deliver increased safety and productivity.

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