Lock Down System

Unique quick-fit with built-in vehicle engagement system that secures to vehicle in just seconds

Equip a Master capsule in any manner, to service either consistent, special, or diverse requirements as required. Then one may choose to put any Master capsule into service within just minutes, on any GM, Ford, or Dodge pickup truck.

If a vehicle is out of service due to routine or unscheduled maintenance requirements, another vehicle can be substituted quickly and easily using the same capsule to service the requirements of the operator.

When operators have certain seasonal or limited requirements (i.e. a First Aid vehicle or Fire vehicle, military vehicle ) a Master capsule can be equipped as required and sit in a position of readiness without the investment and servicing of a dedicated vehicle.

When you have the ability to gain a much greater vehicle utilization of fleet vehicles and at the same time not compromise your needs, the Master can be a outstanding asset.

Patented Lock-down System

Our patented lock-down system allows you to use a standard 9/16 socket wrench to operate the lock-down Our fully-adjustable system Our attachment system is integrated in the wall of the unit allowing the installation of unlimited sizes and configurations of shelvings and cabinets. The arms do not create excessive pressure on the rail of the vehicle and require a minimum force to fasten. It also gives you an extra 20″, from the back doors, of wide pay load space.

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