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What service truck equipments does every assistance vehicle need?

With snowy winters and abundant wildlife, Canada offers a fair number of driving hazards that you won’t find elsewhere. Combined with the automotive problems that seem to affect almost every vehicle sooner or later, and you have many drivers who find themselves in need of roadside assistance at one time or another.

Because of this, roadside assistance providers can literally be lifesavers when a motorist has a flat tire or a dead battery. But what service truck equipment do these providers need to ensure they can always help their customers? The following are just a few of the essentials that you might need when helping a stranded motorist.

Towing Equipment

For those situations where a customer’s car won’t be able to drive home from the scene under its own power, you need to be prepared with proper towing equipment. For a service truck, this typically requires the use of a tow dolly or car trailer.

Though you are unlikely to leave a dolly or trailer attached to the back of your service truck at all times, these are essential purchases for roadside assistance providers. Equipment that can easily be hooked to the back of your truck will allow you to provide a timely response to stranded motorists.

Road Triangles/Lighting

When providing roadside assistance services, the last thing you want is to put yourself in danger. Because of this, ensuring that you are fully visible to any passing drivers should always be a top priority.

Road triangles—particularly models with LED lighting—are your best option for ensuring visibility so other drivers will keep a safe distance away as you provide needed repairs. Leaving extra space in your truck body for these items is always worth it.

Jump Start Equipment

A dead car battery is a common problem, especially in winter, when cold temperatures reduce the battery’s capacity. A quality jump start kit is essential for any roadside assistance professional—and modern jump packs and plug-in start sets mean you no longer just have to rely on jumper cables, either.

For situations where a jump start won’t fully resolve battery troubles, having additional service tools in your arsenal can make all the difference. Items like specialized pliers, cable crimpers, and solder clamps allow for safe and efficient repairs.

Portable Air Compressors

Not every flat tire requires a complete tire change. Air compressors (or smaller air tanks and hoses) can often be used to fill a tire after you complete a patch job so that a driver can safely go on their way.

Of course, refilling tires isn’t the only way you can use a portable air compressor. This essential piece of equipment is also used to power suspension systems and air tools. With its heavy weight, having a dedicated space where it is easily accessible in the back of your service truck will make it much easier to use.

Gas Cans

You’d be surprised at how many people require roadside assistance simply because they ran out of gas! Saving some extra space for a durable fuel can (and extra add-ons like an extension spout) will make it that much easier to help your clients to reach their destination.

Tire Changing Tools

A surprising number of cars don’t come with spare tires these days—but even more surprising is how many drivers don’t know how to change a tire by themselves! Tire patching kits offer a simple fix for some types of damage, but when you need to change a tire, having a lug wrench, wheel clocks, and vehicle jacks will prove absolutely essential.

Parting Thoughts

With a quality truck body, you’ll be able to safely transport these items and other equipment, no matter where your roadside assistance services might take you. With the right materials—and the right truck to carry them with—you’ll have no trouble providing help to drivers who need it most.

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