Electrician inserts truck service body

We can provide configurations to suit all your electrical contracting needs.

  • Ample storage bins to hold all your small parts and accessories like wire nuts, screws and fasteners.
  • Accommodate up to 12’ conduit inside the Master 75 or on the roof of the Master 60.
  • Choose between standard locking ladder racks or drop down ladder racks.
  • Spool racks for your wire spools can be mounted in side-doors. Fully adjustable so you can make room for all your specialized equipment and tools.
  • Easy access to tools from side doors. We feature low access exterior doors! No entering the unit to get to wire boxes and gear.
  • Generator storage
    No Access to A/C power? Our generators can fix this problem. No need to take the generator out, just turn on and plug in!
  • Create a driving billboard with side decals. The Master provides plenty of room to advertise your business. Removing the body from your truck removes the advertising from your truck.
  • Great alternative to Vans. You will never want to buy a van EVER again. Click to see why…
Virtual Reality Advertising & 360 Video VR Player

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