Fleet Benefits

Are you a fleet manager looking to cut costs and save more money?

  • Better fleet investment
  • Better Amortization Value
  • Higher Vehicle Resale Value
  • Reduced Fleet Vehicle Requirements

Get all of the above without compromise!

Save considerable costs and improve cash flow

The Master truck body offers the operator the ability to keep fleet vehicles to a minimum or optimum number while at all times fulfilling all required mobile needs here’s an example:

Here’s an Example:

Say, your fleet requirements call for a temporary change (increase or decrease) by a certain percentage or number of vehicles. The change is expected to last only for a couple of seasons or may be a year or so.

If the Master truck bodies are in used, your only other requirement now is for vehicles to accommodate them.

This is now the easy part! Because there is no need to modify any host vehicles you can now satisfy the vehicle needs by short term rental or lease, daily, weekly, or monthly basis or as required. You may even consider subcontracting to independents who can host your fully equipped Master truck body on their vehicle to satisfy the requirements at hand. This can be done while still maintaining your corporate image with a consistent appearance such as your Co. name, markings or logo on Master truck body itself.

As a result of the above example your vehicle fleet and associated maintenance requirements are kept to an optimum, saving considerable costs and cash flow!

Better fleet investment

Multiple Master truck bodies can offer the operator a greater diversity of numerous differently equipped capsules ready to be assigned to any specialized task while keeping fleet vehicle requirement to a minimum. This enables the highest vehicle utilization and therefore maximizing return on vehicle and related asset investment.

Because the Master truck body can be moved from vehicle to vehicle without showing any historical tell-tale signs on the vehicle of commercial use. This allows you to keep the highest resale value of the truck when you decide to trade them out.

The Master truck body is tailored to meet the needs of anyone with a requirement to accommodate supplies, materials, or equipment for mobile or even stationary applications. It can be loaded as required by the operator then mounted onto a regular pickup truck within minutes, and left on the vehicle or later removed, or transferred to another vehicle just as quickly by only one person.

  • Because of its unique flexibility it can be shifted to another pickup truck (rental vehicle or otherwise) when its primary host is removed from service due to any routine or unscheduled maintenance.

Better amortization value

  • The Master truck body is designed and manufactured to out-last numerous fleet vehicle replacements.

Higher vehicle resale value

  • The Master truck body is designed and manufactured to out-last numerous fleet vehicle replacements.
  • When vans or other vehicle combinations are modified to go into service, future resale value of such vehicles is significantly compromised. The usual end result is a low asset recapture rate for that type of vehicle.
  • This can be a serious loss to the operator, especially when arriving replacement vehicles must then undergo the same retrofitting all over again and again. The Master truck body need only be outfitted as required once for the operator, then it can be mounted onto a regular pickup truck. Eliminated is that repeated need to re-equip new or replacement vehicles as they may be required, when the vehicles economic life cycle has expired.

The Master truck body is designed to out-last many vehicle replacements and when the maximum utilization and recapture of capital vehicle costs can be more easily realized, the Master truck body becomes a sure choice.

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