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Buying a ladder rack lock: what should you look for ?

Whether you work in construction or as an electrical technician, a ladder is one of the most important pieces of equipment you own. Of course, transporting this bulky item from one work site to another is often easier said than done. Most ladders aren’t going to fit inside a truck bed, and attaching a ladder to the side or roof of a truck body can be tricky. Because of this, investing in a quality ladder rack lock is absolutely essential for your equipment transportation needs.But what factors are most important when selecting a ladder rack lock? There are a few things that can improve both the security of your ladder as well as the usability of this device.

Ease of Use

One of the first thing to consider is how you’ll get the ladder to the roof of your truck body. Storing the ladder on the side of your vehicle could very easily contribute to an accident, making rooftop storage the safest option. However, trying to get the ladder on top of a taller truck body can be difficult, and even somewhat dangerous.

As such, an essential feature in a modern ladder rack lock is a handle system that makes it easy to put the ladder in place. A simple turn of the lever lowers the rack to the side of the vehicle, allowing you to load the ladder in its proper position. Turning the lever in the opposite direction then raises the ladder to the top of the truck body, where it is lowered and secured against the rooftop.

Security & Adaptability

Naturally, this system wouldn’t be much good if the ladder rack lock didn’t also clamp the ladder securely against the truck body’s roof. A quality ladder rack lock should be able to accomplish this with a simple turn of the lever. The ladder shouldn’t be able to rattle around or bounce out of place when you hit unexpected bumps in the road, as this could very easily cause the ladder to fall off the truck and cause an accident.

Of course, not all ladders are the same — so what will you do when you need to switch out a smaller ladder for an extra-tall model, or vice versa? Choosing an adjustable ladder rack lock can make a big difference for certain contractors. A ladder rack lock that can be adapted for different sizes ensures that you’ll be able to keep your equipment secure, no matter what size it is.

Keeping your ladder from falling off the roof of your truck body isn’t the only security issue you need to consider. After all, the last thing any contractor wants is to have their ladder stolen while at a work site. It certainly doesn’t hurt to consider systems that include a locking mechanism or can be padlocked into position to prevent a robbery.


Your ladder rack lock will be getting a lot of use in tough working environments. Doesn’t it make sense that you should choose an option that will stand the test of time? It won’t do you much good to have a ladder rack lock that breaks down and stops functioning after only a few months of use.

Thankfully, there are a few things you can look for that indicate a higher level of durability. First and foremost is the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Companies that are confident in the quality of their ladder rack lock will offer some type of warranty for their equipment — some even offer a limited lifetime warranty that covers workmanship and material defects.

This isn’t the only factor you can use to determine durability. Products that use zinc plating and powder coating typically provide higher levels of protection against outdoor hazards. And of course, the internet age allows you to get additional insight from online reviews.

By paying attention to these factors, you can find a ladder rack lock that works for you.

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