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How to Choose the Best Service Truck Bodies for Farming and Agri-Businesses

Making the most of your truck space is important no matter what cargo you are carrying. Some industries such as farming and agri-business require special cargo carrying needs. In order to ensure that these needs are met utilizing the best service truck bodies is necessary.The following provides guidance on how to choose the best service truck bodies for farming and agri-business usage.

Material Types

It is important to consider the type of material that is used for truck bodies. Truck bodies are made from different types of material, and the material composition will impact the quality, weight and the way in which the truck body is utilized.  Thus, it is important to choose the materials for a truck body with much consideration. Some material choices include:

Aluminum– Aluminum service truck bodies provide the fortitude and endurance that comes with metal materials. They can be used to contain various types of cargo from produce to livestock depending on the weight. Aluminum is lightweight which makes it good for transport but also a great choice if you want to transport your farming products in a cost effective manner as the light weight will reduce fuel costs. Aluminum holds up well against corrosion. Thus, it is possible to get a nice warranty that covers an aluminum service truck body for many years.

Steel- Steel service truck bodies are an excellent choice if you are looking for durability and strength. Capable of withstanding the weight of heavy equipment and livestock, steel service truck bodies are worth the expense. These types of service truck bodies are made to meet industry standards. Depending on your preferences, you can obtain a steel service truck body that has everything from a powder-coated surface to heavy steel components that reinforce the steel service truck construction.

Fiberglass-  Fiberglass service truck bodies are option if you want a combination of lightweight materials with durability. Because of the lightness of the fiberglass, you will have a greatly reduced cargo load which can help you reduce the costs of transport.


There are a variety of additions that can make your service truck bodies far more functional for farming and agri-business usage. When selecting features to complement your service truck body, it is important to consider the initial construction and materials used. Your additions should not only provide you with various ways to utilize your service truck body but also add value and reinforce durability.

Some additions that would be useful for a truck service body that is specifically used for a farming and agri-business include:

  • Pull-out trays
  • Cargo tie downs
  • Utility rack
  • Cab guards
  • Access steps
  • Sliding roof
  • Canopies
  • Flatbeds

Consider Usage

The key to optimizing the service truck bodies for farming and agri-business usage is to select the service truck body and the applicable add-ons that are most applicable for this industry.  Removable truck bodies make it easier to transport crops, farming equipment and animals. Likewise, the service truck bodies offer a convenient, safe way to navigate on off-road terrain which is quite common within farming and agri-business.

These service truck bodies are very useful once you understand what you specifically need on your truck to make it function at its best. Truly consider what would make a truck ideal for use on a farm or as it relates to the agri-business. Once you understand this, you are in a better position to choose the service truck bodies that can meet these needs.

Ultimately, choosing the best service truck bodies for farming and agri-business will allow you to operate your farming and agricultural business in a more efficient manner.

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