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Custom truck bodies for industrial needs : how to pick the right manufacturer ?

Many industries today use custom truck bodies as an alternative to company vans. Not only are they longer lasting and offer versatility and flexibility, they offer a better continuity of operations and resiliency. Those in plumbing, electrical, HVAC, landscaping, farming, fiber optics and more, will appreciate the easy custom configurations truck bodies offer, not to mention that they can be removed and transferred between vehicles without much difficulty.

However, after the decision has been made to purchase a truck body, there are still many variables to determine. It is a large business investment and warrants the appropriate due diligence and research, starting with choosing the right manufacturer.

1. Trusted Name in the Industry

When choosing a custom truck body for your industrial needs, it’s important to select from a list of trusted producers. This is not the time to go with a no-name brand without a good reputation. Ask others in the industry about their preferences and what they would recommend. If all else fails, trust large purchasers in the industry like the government and the military. They demand the highest quality from their stock and expect longevity.

2. Offers Versatility

Go with a manufacturer that understands the needs of your industry. If they don’t have a style of custom truck body that would perfectly suit your unique situation, they might have something that can be easily transformed and adapted to serve you as best as possible. You yourself might offer specialist services that are not often seen in the industry, and your manufacturer should be quick to adapt to this.

3. Warranty

If a truck body manufacturer offers a long-term warranty on their product, that is usually a very positive sign. It means that they stand behind the quality of their truck bodies and trust that that they will last you a long time.  Additionally,  if there was a situation in which there was an issue with the quality of your purchase, the manufacturer would be quick to come to your assistance. This warranty could be worth thousands of dollars down the road and prolong the life of your truck body.

4. Quality

Invest in the best quality truck body that you can afford, as it will serve you a long time if taken care of properly. Premium manufacturers use the best materials and technologies available to them, meaning that you will get more value out of your investment. A quality truck body will also give you less maintenance troubles than something that is made of lower grade materials or older technology. In conclusion it means better service, fewer repairs, and a longer lifecycle.

5. Cost

It’s natural that cost is a big factor in deciding on an industrial truck body. However, remember to base the decision on the overall cost of the purchase, not just the immediate upfront costs. Calculate the cost during the entire lifetime of the body, including repair costs, life expectancy, gas costs, and more. Sometime you’ll find that the more expensive option is actually better value in the long run, often the motivation behind the purchase of fiberglass bodies rather than steel ones.

Picking the right manufacturer for your truck body can be a difficult decision since it requires some time and research. It’s a large investment that should provide you with years of service if you do your due diligence at the purchasing stage. When in doubt, contact the manufacturers directly about your unique needs and how their offering addresses them. Purchase when you feel comfortable that your choice will offer you a high-quality, versatile product of great value from a reputable company with a solid warranty plan that you can rest easy with.

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