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What are the Different Types of Rear Doors for Your Truck?

When it comes to getting tools and equipment out of the back of your truck, the right setup and functionality on your truck body can make the work much easier — or more difficult. To improve accessibility, many truck bodies use rear doors or other speciality options to ensure that everyone from plumbers and electricians to medical and military professionals have the right infrastructure in place.

Here’s a closer look at some of the different rear door options that you could use for your truck body.

Standard Rear Doors

Standard rear doors are great for shorter truck bodies where overhead space is at a premium. Because these doors swing outward when they open, you don’t have to worry about limiting how high you can stack interior items like you would with a more traditional roll-up door.

Hinged on the side of the vehicle, A 180-degree range of motion allows these doors to open wide, leaving plenty of room for moving items in or out of the truck body. Rear doors are often used in conjunction with a small step to allow easy entry when you need to grab something out of the truck. Durable handles also allow these doors to be opened from the inside when necessary.

Hatch Back Doors

Rather than opening to the sides, hatch back doors (sometimes referred to as tailgates), are hinged on top of the vehicle and lift up into the air. While this doesn’t always make them an ideal fit when working in an area with low clearance, hatch back doors work great when combined with a sliding floor. You don’t have to worry about holding doors open to keep them out of the way when you slide needed materials out of the truck body, as a secure locking mechanism holds the door in place until you need to close it again.

When opened, the hatch back door can even operate as a type of shelter from rain or other weather — a useful benefit when loading or unloading in an exposed location. You also don’t have to worry about a gust of wind slamming the door shut. This option is great for contractors who frequently transport bulkier pieces of equipment and deal with inclement weather conditions.

Full Size Doors

For contractors who need a more spacious truck body, full-size rear doors are an excellent fit. These doors offer the same convenient features of standard rear doors, but their added height makes it easier than ever for people to move in and out of the truck body. There’s no need to duck your head upon entering or exiting this portable workstation, making these taller doors especially advantageous for medical and military functions. The use of these larger doors allows your truck body to literally become a mobile office.

Finding the Best Fit

The type of rear doors that will work best for your vehicle will largely depend on your industry, the type of equipment you transport in the truck body, and whether or not you will be frequently entering and exiting the truck body area.

Regardless of the type of rear doors you choose, it is essential that you select a truck body that can stand up to the rigorous requirements of your work. Secure locking mechanisms are an absolute must to prevent theft or vandalism. Rear doors that are airtight and watertight and built from durable fiberglass will deliver the best long-term results and help you protect your equipment. By choosing a solution that best fits the unique needs of your work crew, you will be better equipped to provide fast, efficient work at any job site.

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