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Essential accessories needed in an utility service truck

A utility service truck can serve as a highly versatile option for a wide range of businesses. With an easy installation that fits on any standard pickup truck, these vehicle add-ons provide a secure storage space for equipment that can speed up your work processes and add significant value to your business.Of course, not all drivers will use their utility service truck in the same way. Plumbers, electricians, construction workers, and even medical and military professionals have made use of these vehicle add-ons, and as a result, many individuals opt for extra accessories to better meet their needs. Here’s a look at some of the most commonly used accessories for a utility service truck:

Ladder Racks

Construction teams, electricians, and other professionals often need the help of a ladder to access hard-to-reach places. But fitting a ladder into your utility service truck isn’t always easy. Thankfully, ladder racks are a common accessory that allows you to transport this necessary piece of equipment with ease. Both drop down ladder racks and standard locking ladder racks are available to help you safely and effectively transport your ladders. Cylinder locks can also be added as an extra security measure.

Shelving and Drawers

Keeping your equipment safe and organized is essential if you wish to perform effective work. After all, it would hardly do to show up at a worksite only to find your parts and equipment mixed together in a jumbled mess on the floor. Custom shelving and sliding drawer installations allow you to make space for everything you might need to transport. Larger shelves are the ideal location for securing larger pieces of equipment, while sliding drawers utilize dividers so you can separate small parts. By protecting your equipment and improving your organizational capabilities, adding custom shelving and drawers to your utility service truck is a surefire way to increase your efficiency and profitability.

Side Doors

Gaining quick access to your equipment is sometimes easier said than done — but not if you opt for a side door installation! These useful accessories provide quick access to vital tools and gear so that you don’t even need to enter your truck to get the parts and equipment you need. Side doors can also include spool racks for the mounting of wire spools. The precious minutes you can save with the help of this feature will ultimately make a big difference as you work to complete projects in a timely manner.

Auxiliary Power Source

Many vital tools require a source of auxiliary power to function, which can leave you in a tricky situation if you’re at a work site that doesn’t have any available power sources. With handy generator storage, your utility service truck can provide all the power you need to operate your equipment. Convenient storage space allows you to simply flip a switch to turn on your generator when there isn’t an A/C power source available.

Mobile Advertising

Finding a steady stream of new customers is an absolute must for utility service professionals. So why not let your vehicle do the work for you? The addition of a transferable truck body creates the perfect space for advertising your business. By adding a billboard decal, you can ensure that new people learn about your company every time you drive to a job site. Best of all, placing your advertising materials on the transferable truck body (rather than the pickup truck itself) will ensure a higher resale value for your vehicle in the future.


By protecting your equipment, improving your on-site work efficiency, and even helping you spread the word about your business, these utility service truck accessories can make a huge difference for your company. You’ll be amazed at how these simple add-ons can improve your profitability and help you ensure lasting success for your business.

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