Master Series Truck Body presents the Mobile Locksmith transferrable truck body for locksmiths as replacement of a service van. Master Series Truck Bodies are a universal fitting truck accessory that is better than a locksmiths van. Using a van is very limiting. However, having a pick-up truck with a Master Truck Body just makes a lot of sense. Let us show you how you can save money by using a Mobile Locksmith Unit by Master rather than using a traditional cargo van. A lot of benefits can be had with a mobile transferable body. This mobile locksmith vehicle provides the locksmith operator a comfortable work shop with secure storage and easy access for tools, equipment and inventory.

These locksmith units used in conjunction with a pick-up truck and is a better choice than the conventional locksmiths mobile service van this will be further demonstrated throughout this site. While optimizing vehicle fleet investment and operating costs to the lowest optimum level.

The operator will also benefit because of a higher vehicle recapture value solely attributed to this product. Also the repeated costs of retrofitting, usually a lost expenditure for the operator until now, can be saved.

Days of driving and having noise of equipment banging around can be history by using a removable truck body and enjoying the comfort of a separate pick-up truck cab.

• Easy access to tools from side doors. We feature low access exterior doors! No entering the unit to get to wire boxes and gear.
• Generator storage No Access to A/C power? Our generators can fix this problem. No need to take the generator out, just turn on and plug in!
• Create a driving billboard with side decals The Master provides plenty of room to advertise your business. Removing the body from your truck removes the advertising from your truck.
• Great alternative to Vans You will never want to buy a van EVER again. Click to see why…

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