Mobile Paint Chip Repair

Are you sick of all the banging around of your paint and tools in the back of your van? How about the smell of your paints making you dizzy or sick after driving between jobs or home?

Master Truck Body has the perfect alternative to your van. Not only is it a completely separate capsule, it’s quickly removable so you can use your truck for more than just work.

Save money by having one vehicle instead of two. Stay in business when your truck breaks down or if you need to trade in vehicles. The Master is a universal fit for all full-sized trucks, so if your truck is out of service, you don’t have to be. Just pop the Master onto any truck and be back in business within 15 minutes.

Between your tools, supplies and your crew, you carry a lot of cargo. You need a vehicle that provides you with secure storage, comfort and rugged durability. Don’t throw money down the drain with a van, box truck or any other Electrician’s vehicle. Upgrade to a pickup truck and a Master Series Truck Body and start to save money on gas, up-fit charges and less-downtime.

We can provide configurations to suit all your needs.

  • Work on the inside of the body or outside.
    Keep fumes to a minimum. Rotating exhaust vents available to continuously vent the air inside the body.
  • Climate control and power on the inside available.
    Stay warm or cool while working on the inside of your Master! Generators, power-inverters and Air-Conditioners available.
  • Specialized drawers, shelving and dividers.
    Fully adjustable so you can make room for all your specialized equipment and tools.
  • Easy access to tools and equipment from our low side doors.
    We feature low access exterior doors! No entering the unit to get to wire boxes and gear.
  • Power options are available without need for shore power or any other source
    No Access to A/C power? Our generators can fix this problem.
    No need to take the generator out, just turn on and plug in!
  • Create a driving billboard with side decals
    The Master provides plenty of room to advertise your business.
    Removing the body from your truck removes the advertising from your truck.
  • Great alternative to Vans
    You will never want to buy a van EVER again. Click to see why…
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