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Mory Master Series fiberglass slip-in work pods for plumbers and electricians: which special features are needed ?

Removable Truck bed storage pods have proven to be a very useful alternative to cargo vans for many industries, but there are few places where their usefulness is more apparent than with plumbers and electricians. With a wide variety of tools and special equipment that are used on a daily basis, the ability to conveniently and safely transport them is a must-have – Master Series fiberglass work pods deliver these essential needs.But what features do plumbers and electricians need that other industries might not? Here’s a look at some of the top work pod storage features used by these industries:

Storage Bins

Both plumbers and electricians need to have small parts on hand for repairs and installation work, such as nuts and bolts, screws, various fasteners, adhesives the list goes on. Because of this, storage bins are an essential part of work pod storage. Specially manufactured storage bins keep small parts firmly in place, preventing the possibility of spills or other mishaps. These units are designed help you stay organized, making it easy to find what you need to get the job done.


Some jobs require the use of more advanced equipment — and that equipment needs a power supply. When your work pod storage area includes a generator, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll always have access to a power supply, no matter where your work might take you. With a generator pre-installed in your work pod, you’ll only need to plug in your equipment and flip a switch for full power.

Spool Racks

Wire spools are an essential part of an electrician’s toolkit — but storing and transporting them isn’t always easy. With the addition of mounted spool racks, however, you should have no trouble making room for these and other specialized equipment. Best of all, these racks are fully adjustable to better meet your unique storage needs.

Side Door Access

Time is money, and anything you can do to speed up your work can ultimately help you get more out of your business efforts. With side doors and low access exterior doors, you won’t need to enter your work pod to get the plumbing or electrical tools you need. Side door features can be especially convenient if you’ll need to come back to your truck multiple times during the job to pick up and return parts or equipment.

Ladder Racks

Every once in a while, you’ll encounter a job that requires the use of a ladder. You can have an easy transportation solution for this bulky piece of equipment? With the inclusion of either locking or drop down ladder racks on your work pod, you’ll have no trouble getting a ladder to your job site.


Some electrical and plumbing jobs require that you visit construction sites, industrial facilities, or other locations where you might be concerned about the safety of your vehicle and equipment. Or you might be worried that your equipment will get wet if you get caught in adverse weather. You don’t need to have these worries with a work pod. The strong fiberglass design provides an impact resistant, watertight location for storing your equipment — so no matter what the environment might bring, valuable tools and supplies will be safe.


Sure, you may not need advertising decals to finish your plumbing or electrical work, but there’s no denying the value of spreading the word about your company. A slip-in work pod provides ample space where you can apply advertising decals. This way, every time you are traveling to or parked on site the public will see your company logo. The Mory Master series fiberglass slip-in work pods make an excellent billboard at very low investment cost.

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