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Top 3 of military truck accessories that any truck could need

When you think of military vehicles, you’re more likely to think of Jeeps and tanks than a service pickup truck. But the simple truth of the matter is that even military operations require the assistance of plumbing and HVAC services, field-testing equipment, and more. Of course, the rough conditions that are frequently encountered during such operations require that military truck accessories be built with an added level of durability and versatility. Because of this, truck bodies designed for military use must undergo rigorous testing to ensure they have what it takes to deal with harsh environments. This makes a durable, aerodynamic design an absolute must — but to get the most out of these vehicles, the right accessory features are also needed.

However, the Army and National Guard aren’t the only ones who need tough, versatile vehicles to meet their needs while on the go. In reality, contractors in a wide range of industries can benefit from the features found in many military truck accessories for pickup truck bodies. Here are some of the best accessory features that can make a difference — even for a non-military vehicle.

1. Transferable Truck Body

Without a doubt, one of the most valuable attributes of a military truck body is its ability to be quickly and easily transferred from one vehicle to another. Because the truck body can be removed from the back of a pickup truck in a matter of minutes, this greatly increases the versatility of your vehicle. For example, those using a truck body as a mobile workstation could remove it from their truck after arriving at the work site, freeing up space for hauling materials in the truck bed. Best of all, the truck body can still be used even when it is detached from the vehicle.

The ability to attach or detach a truck body in a matter of minutes will greatly increase the value of a pickup truck by increasing its number of available functions. With more operational tasks that can be performed by a single vehicle, contractors and military workers alike can increase their efficiency.

2. Compartmentalized Interior

A vital accessory for military truck bodies, a compartmentalized interior is key for keeping fragile equipment and materials separate and secure. In the military, these compartments can be fully customized based on their intended purpose. After all, plumbers and HVAC workers will be transporting materials that are quite different from what a blasting and demolitions team will be moving.

These storage compartments don’t just keep items organized; they also prevent severe accidents and damage to valuable equipment by keeping everything fully secured. In a military situation, this is vital for preventing weapons mishaps. In civilian contractor vehicles, this ensures that all the tools and parts you need to finish your next job arrive to the work site in one piece. The ability to include lighted storage areas further adds to the convenience of this accessory.

3. Mobile Workshop

Quite often, it’s not enough to just have a secure, compartmentalized space for the safe transportation of tools and other equipment. After all, contractors need a place to work after they arrive at a jobsite — particularly if they are going to a remote area without all the resources they would normally have available. While this is obviously a common concern for military contractors, it isn’t unusual for civilian workers to encounter these issues as well, especially if they work in a rural area or travel to remote worksites.

Among the military truck accessories that enhance the functionality of a mobile workshop are drop-down workbenches, auxiliary power availability, and even climate controlled interiors. Military truck bodies can even be adapted for use as a command module with seating for up to three people. This variety of features ensures that contractors and military servicemen alike have all the space and resources they need to work effectively and comfortably.

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