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Truck Shelf System and Side Doors: How to Optimize Space in Your Truck

The space within a truck is a precious commodity. Making the most beneficial use of truck space often requires strategic positioning of cargo. Even still, there is only but so much space, and only so many ways to arrange cargo in a safe, efficient manner.

A truck shelf offers a convenient and practical method of optimizing space in your truck. When selecting shelving options, it is important to consider your storage and shelving needs so that you make the most beneficial choice.

Why Truck Shelving Systems are Ideal

While truck shelving systems are not necessary, they are certainly ideal. Considering the various items that are transported in a truck, it is not only practical but also much safer to use a dedicated truck shelving system. Some reasons that truck shelving systems are ideal in comparison to the traditional arrangement of cargo on a truck include:

  • The ability to organize items neatly either vertically or horizontally.
  • The ability to position shelving according to delivery priority.
  • The ability to secure movable items in a localized space on the truck

Dealing with a full cargo is made easier when utilizing shelving systems. Selection of correct shelving systems for your truck will ensure that you transport goods in the most efficient, safe manner possible.

The Types of Shelving

Truck shelves vary and come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. The type of shelving that is best suited for your truck will depend on your truck and the types of items and cargo you transport. There are several truck shelving options that include:

Welded Shelving

This type of shelving is preferable if you need to extend the height and weight capacity on your cargo. These shelves are attached to the inside of the truck’s cargo area for added stability and security. The inclusion of back and end panels provide additional strength for cargo storage, and these panels also reduce cargo noise during transport. Many welded truck shelving options offer customizable additions such as storage bins, dividers, and drawers to optimize space on the welded shelving system.

Adjustable Shelving

Adjustable shelving allows you to decide where you would like to place your truck shelving system within the cargo area of your truck. You can purchase adjustable shelving of various sizes and place them in the most advantageous locations within your truck. Welding of these shelves is not required. Customizable additions are also available for these shelves.

Making Use of Your Side Doors

The side doors of your truck offer valuable storage space. There are a variety of efficient ways  to turn your side truck doors into storage space. Some suggestions for side door storage include:

  • Using durable magnetized strips to hold metal tools and small items.
  • Installing magnetized hooks that can hold rope and wires.
  • Hanging cloth organizers that can hold smaller item such as small tools, accessories, etc.

The side doors, especially in the rear of the truck, have underutilized storage potential.  Consider purchasing quality side door storage options to maximize the space in your truck.

Making the Best Use of Your Truck Space

To effectively optimize the space in your truck, it is important to assess your truck storage needs. Which items do you use most frequently? Where should they be placed for easy access? Does your cargo require positioning based on weight? Are adjustable storage options best, or would a more permanent truck shelving system be best?

These are questions that you must consider when determining how to maximize the space in your truck with shelving and other storage options.

Picking a truck shelving system that enables you to make the most of your cargo space while providing an efficient way to transport cargo is important. Determine your storage needs and choose the truck shelving and storage solutions that are most beneficial for you.

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