US Geological Survey

Rough and Rugged Shells for Sampling

Our units for USGS are 4×4 ready and have all the amenities as the standard camper shells.

Our truck bodies are superior to the standard “stick and tin” camper shells. Our industrial strength body is a one piece, leak and dust proof unit that doesn’t rely on cabinetry to remain sturdy. Our bodies are require no modifications to your truck and can easily be used as a stand-alone unit without your truck. Easily remove this body and put it onto any full sized truck if you need repairs or maintenance, you’ll never lose a day of work.

Equipped with a sink with running water, storage for tools and supplies, our units provide a climate controlled environment to get your work done while on-the-go.

Some options include:

  • Sink with Running Water
  • Air-conditioning and Heating
  • Roof Vents, Sliding windows
  • 110V and 12V Power
  • Work bench
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Auxiliary Jump-seats
  • Refrigerator and Microwave
  • Porta-potty.
  • LED Lighting
  • Roof-Top storage for boat/Kayak, PVC or ladders
  • Customizable shelving units
  • Reels for hose or wire

Some Benefits Include:

  • Easy to Clean Surfaces
  • Easy transfer to any full-sized truck with no alterations
  • Use as a stand-alone unit on and off your truck
  • Customize to suit your Needs!
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