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More likely than not, your service truck frequently operates under tough conditions. Whether you travel on unpaved roads to reach construction sites or transport plumbing and electrical equipment, keeping your service truck body in good condition is essential for protecting valuable machinery and maintaining a professional appearance.So how can you ensure that your service truck body will continue to look great for years to come? Following a few essential maintenance tips can make all the difference in extending the lifespan of your vehicle.

1. Regular Washing and Waxing

Believe it or not, allowing dirt, insects, and other debris to build up on your vehicle can ultimately cause a wide range of problems. Over time, dirt can weaken the vehicle finish, wearing it down and making it more prone to black streaks, fading, and other visible wear and tear. More corrosive materials like bird droppings and tree sap can be even more harmful to the fiberglass [...]

Making the most of your truck space is important no matter what cargo you are carrying. Some industries such as farming and agri-business require special cargo carrying needs. In order to ensure that these needs are met utilizing the best service truck bodies is necessary.The following provides guidance on how to choose the best service truck bodies for farming and agri-business usage. Material Types

It is important to consider the type of material that is used for truck bodies. Truck bodies are made from different types of material, and the material composition will impact the quality, weight and the way in which the truck body is utilized.  Thus, it is important to choose the materials for a truck body with much consideration. Some material choices include:

Aluminum– Aluminum service truck bodies provide the fortitude and endurance that comes with metal materials. They can be used to contain various types of cargo from produce to livestock [...]

A utility service truck can serve as a highly versatile option for a wide range of businesses. With an easy installation that fits on any standard pickup truck, these vehicle add-ons provide a secure storage space for equipment that can speed up your work processes and add significant value to your business.Of course, not all drivers will use their utility service truck in the same way. Plumbers, electricians, construction workers, and even medical and military professionals have made use of these vehicle add-ons, and as a result, many individuals opt for extra accessories to better meet their needs. Here’s a look at some of the most commonly used accessories for a utility service truck:

Ladder Racks

Construction teams, electricians, and other professionals often need the help of a ladder to access hard-to-reach places. But fitting a ladder into your utility service truck isn’t always easy. Thankfully, ladder racks are a common accessory that allows you [...]

The space within a truck is a precious commodity. Making the most beneficial use of truck space often requires strategic positioning of cargo. Even still, there is only but so much space, and only so many ways to arrange cargo in a safe, efficient manner.

A truck shelf offers a convenient and practical method of optimizing space in your truck. When selecting shelving options, it is important to consider your storage and shelving needs so that you make the most beneficial choice.

Why Truck Shelving Systems are Ideal

While truck shelving systems are not necessary, they are certainly ideal. Considering the various items that are transported in a truck, it is not only practical but also much safer to use a dedicated truck shelving system. Some reasons that truck shelving systems are ideal in comparison to the traditional arrangement of cargo on a truck include:

  • The [...]

Detachable truck bodies such as the removable utility bed are quite significant in various applications particularly those concerning the military. For military operations, the ability to customize trucks is crucial as this makes it possible to function in different scenarios. A military truck can be customized so it can suit the activities and mission set, with the vehicles utility bed being a key section for the successful completion of missions as these part can be used to store equipment, tools, and weapons necessary for combat.

Of course, varying emergency services will require different configurations of the removable utility bed, but there are specific features which are worth considering if the military personnel is to complete their mission successfully. Most truck bodies have been designed to serve in a manner which no other truck bodies have done before. The utilization of removable and detachable modules have enhanced the versatility of military vehicles, making it possible for [...]

Removable Truck bed storage pods have proven to be a very useful alternative to cargo vans for many industries, but there are few places where their usefulness is more apparent than with plumbers and electricians. With a wide variety of tools and special equipment that are used on a daily basis, the ability to conveniently and safely transport them is a must-have – Master Series fiberglass work pods deliver these essential needs.But what features do plumbers and electricians need that other industries might not? Here’s a look at some of the top work pod storage features used by these industries:

Storage Bins

Both plumbers and electricians need to have small parts on hand for repairs and installation work, such as nuts and bolts, screws, various fasteners, adhesives the list goes on. Because of this, storage bins are an essential part of work pod storage. Specially manufactured storage bins keep small parts firmly in place, preventing [...]

Many industries today use custom truck bodies as an alternative to company vans. Not only are they longer lasting and offer versatility and flexibility, they offer a better continuity of operations and resiliency. Those in plumbing, electrical, HVAC, landscaping, farming, fiber optics and more, will appreciate the easy custom configurations truck bodies offer, not to mention that they can be removed and transferred between vehicles without much difficulty.

However, after the decision has been made to purchase a truck body, there are still many variables to determine. It is a large business investment and warrants the appropriate due diligence and research, starting with choosing the right manufacturer.

1. Trusted Name in the Industry

When choosing a custom truck body for your industrial needs, it’s important to select from a list of trusted producers. This is not the time to go with a no-name brand without a good reputation. Ask others in the industry about their [...]

The industries which use detachable truck body systems are all different, yet most of them are looking for the same thing: durability. Construction, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work all require vehicles with storage that will not just accommodate their equipment, but do so in a way that keeps it safe, secure and organized. The job sites can also put wear and tear on a truck body, so those who do invest in one, want it to last as long as possible at the highest level of service.Detachable truck body systems come in different materials, each with their own level of resistance to the environment and operational durability, as well as a number of other qualities which can influence decision making.

1. Steel

Steel has been the traditional choice for detachable truck bodies, much like it used to be the material of choice for cars. However, due to its relative weight, it has become a less [...]

When looking to invest into a utility truck body, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make will be which material to go with. Both steel and fiberglass utility truck bodies have their pros and cons, making them the most popular contenders on the market. However, depending on your needs and even the climate in which you operate, you may find that one is clearly a better choice for you over the other.If you are looking to buy a utility truck body, these are some things you should know about the fiberglass and steel versions: Fiberglass Utility Truck Bodies

A more expensive option than steel, many truck owners find that they make up for the difference in price with the other savings that a fiberglass body can provide. First off, fiberglass is a lighter material than steel, and the implications of this fact are quite vast. Because it weighs less than its steel alternative, [...]

Removable service bodies can turn a simple pick-up truck into a specialist vehicle that’s perfect for everything from fighting fires to fibre optics splicing. They’re extremely customizable, easy to install and remove, and are used in a wide variety of industries for an extraordinarily diverse range of purposes.Here’s a list of 5 industries where a removable service body can make a big difference: 1. Plumbing

With a removable service body, you don’t have to worry about unexpected business downtime due to your van breaking down; instead, if your primary vehicle (truck) needs to go in for repairs, the removable service body can be transferred onto another vehicle. You also don’t have to go to the expense of refitting a new van when you replace your old one—instead, you just transfer your removable service body from one truck to another, and you’re ready to go! Master Truck Body has configured many removable vehicle service bodies for [...]

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